Prince Albert School


Our Philosophy

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Quality First Teaching is an essential part of the changes that have been implemented since 2009. This is the day-to-day interaction between teacher and pupil in the classroom which provides the basis for the effective development of personalised learning. In doing this, an educational experience to suit each child is created, leading to excellent progress in all areas.

From Nursery to Year 3 practitioners work with an EYFS philosophy towards teaching and learning. The children work in open plan year group classrooms which allows them to lead their own learning, make their own decisions, and plan and find out what they are interested in when they are not working directly with the teacher. This child centred philosophy uses the environment to motivate the children to discover new skills and knowledge.

Working this way has had a significantly positive effect on levels of communication, independence and social development which are areas that have been identified as priorities for the children. It also means childrenare not sitting at desks for a long time and the teacher can work to the needs of their group and adapt as needed to ensure every pupil is engaged in learning.

From Year 4-6 children are taught for numeracy, writing, reading and science in target groups depending on their ability. School funds at least two additional teachers in each year group in order to reduce the target group sizes as far as possible. Again this approach has had a significant impact on allowing staff to personalise learning for pupils which has lead to a positive impact on pupil achievement and attainment. We follow the national curriculum for non core subjects through a topic (Learning for life) based approach and we ensure that the learning is driven by the pupils.

Pastoral care and development is of equal importance to academic achievement at Prince Albert. There is an extensive pastoral team on hand to care and support the welfare of all pupils, removing barriers to learning if necessary. The children are at the centre of everything that we do. Our focus is to meet all of the needs of the children and to support, challenge and develop each individual pupil in order that they reach their full potential. We strongly believe that by ensuring that our children feel safe, happy, and confident, it in turn provides the best conditions for learning.

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