Prince Albert Y6 Leavers 2020

The end of year 6 is always a sad yet happy time, as your child ends primary and starts to think about the excitement of secondary school.

This year, we will be unable to do all the things Y6 normally do to say goodbye to their friends and teachers. Yet, we would like to mark the occasion in the best way we can, and as a goodbye and good luck present for the future, Y6 staff have arranged for the children to receive a leaving gift, to help them remember their time at PA.

We would like you to collect your child's gift on Thursday 16th July at the following times, from outside the front of school. Please stick to the allotted class time to aid social distancing:

6V - 9:30- 9:45 am

6H - 9:50- 10:05 am

6W - 10:10 - 10:25am

You are welcome to bring your child to say a final goodbye to their teacher, however it will need to be a short visit.