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The scores have been calculated and the final results for this years sports days are..


1st  - Honesty - 13,653 pts

2nd - Commitment - 13,477 pts

3rd  - Respect - 13,346 pts

4th  - Understanding - 12,443 pts

5th  - Equality - 12,420 pts

6th  - Friendship - 12,010 pts

Teacher Training Day

Dear Parents, 

On Monday 2ndJuly, School will be closed to all pupils for a Teacher Training Day. School will re-open on Tuesday 3rdJuly for all pupils.

Kind Regards

Administration Team

Book Fair

We will be holding a book fair from Monday 18thJune to Thursday 21stJune. There will be a wide range of fantastic fiction and non-fiction books available to buy from £2.99 (payment by cash only). The fair will be open in the playground from 3.30- 4.00pm but there will also be the opportunity for your child to browse and buy books during the school day if they cannot come after school.

The more books we sell, the more free books we will get for our school: if we sell £1,000 of books we will get £600 of free books for the school! 

We look forward to seeing you there,

Miss A. Fanning


Eid Letter to Parents

Dear parents/Carers,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you Eid Mubarak in preparation for the end of the week. As children will be celebrating with families, they are entitled to take one day off school if Eid is to fall on Friday. If Eid falls on Saturday children will be expected to attend as normal. Those children who do not celebrate Eid will be expected to attend school as normal too. Therefore, any days taken outside of Eid will be classed as unauthorised. Even though Eid will be an authorised absence for one day, It will still be recorded as an absence and will be reflected in your child's attendance figure. However, this will not prevent your child from receiving any attendance incentives that they are entitled to.

On Monday 18thJune 2018, we will be celebrating Eid in school. Children are welcome to come dressed in their Eid clothes. In the afternoon, children will be having parties in class and can bring food in with them for their celebration's. Please ensure that any food that your child brings into school is shop bought and in its original packaging for allergy purposes. 

We look forward to sharing the celebration of Eid across the school and providing the children with an opportunity to celebrate together with staff and children alike. 

I am sure you will join us in encouraging your child to take part and enjoy their day.

Yours Sincerely 

Miss M Davies 

Head of School 

Online Safety Parent Workshop

Our next Online Safety parent workshop is just around the corner. This half term our theme is "Home Internet Security".

Here you will learn how to install Sophos Home to protect your laptops and PC's at home. You will learn how to filter websites, view the internet history as well as monitor your computer usage.

All parents and carers are welcome.


Parent Survey

PARENT SURVEY - Monday 4th June to Friday 8th June 2018 

To help us to continue to make improvements to our schools, we would like to hear from our parents. We would be grateful if you could please take the time to complete our parent survey to let us know your thoughts on aspects of your child's education and school day. 

Staff will be out in the playground with surveys between 8:40 and 9:00 a.m. during the above week, please ask for a form if you would like to complete the survey. 

Parents can also complete the survey online by clicking onto the link on our school website. All surveys are and will remain anonymous. 

Thank you for your support 

Parent Survey

Many Thanks,

Miss K Davies

Community Cohesion Parent Workshop

Dear Parent/Guardian

Pastoral would like to invite you to attend our Community Cohesion Parent workshop on Thursday 24thMay 2018, which will be taking place from 9.00am in the junior hall. 

The purpose of this parent workshop is to give you an insight into the methods we as a school are using to teach your child/children about Community Cohesion. There will also be lots of different activities for parents to get involved in. Tea and coffee will be provided.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you. 

Yours sincerely, 

Mr Tonn Adcock 

Senior Learning Mentor

Prince Albert School 

Ramadan and Eid

Dear Parents

We understand how important Ramadan and Eid is to everyone who it involves.  However, school is still open as usual and all children are expected to attend as normal.

We appreciate that Ramadan involves some very late nights so early mornings may be difficult for some but we do expect that all children will be in school on time every day.

Children are allowed one day of school absence for Eid.  The government guidance states:

Schools must treat absence as authorised when it is due to religious observance. The day must be exclusively set apart for religious observance by the religious body to which the parents belong. Where necessary, schools should seek advice from the parents’ religious body about whether it has set the day apart for religious observance.

Therefore, any days taken either side of Eid will be classed as unauthorised. Even though Eid will be an authorised absence for one day, it will still be recorded as an absence and will be reflected in your child’s attendance figure.

We wish you a happy and healthy month of Ramadan and thank you for your continuing support.

Yours sincerely


Miss M Davies                               

Head of School