Prince Albert School

End of Summer Term

Dear Parent / Carer

Please note that the children finish school for the summer holidays on Friday 20thJuly 2017 at 1pm. Can we remind everyone to check the lost property box before we break up, as all unclaimed articles will be disposed of at the end of term. The lost property box is located by the Arches building. We ask if you can kindly please check on a regular basis from now until the last day of term.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss M Davies

Head of School




03.05.18   Voting Day school closed to all pupils (except Year 6 who will be in 8:45 – 12pm)

07.05.18     Bank Holiday – school closed

14.05.18   SATs Week – Good Luck to all the Yr 6 pupils & staff. 

24.05.18   Half Term Holiday & Non Uniform – Donation £1 for school fund.

25.05.18     Teacher Training Day

17.06.18     Father’s Day Celebrations

19.07.18     Parents Afternoon

20.07.18     Break up for Summer Holiday at 1pm.

Summer Term Starts:         Monday 16thApril 2018

Half Term:                            Monday 28thMay 2018 – Friday 1stJune 2018

Summer Term Ends:           Friday 20thJuly 2018