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Dear Parents / Carers

Reducing absence from school is a key priority nationally and locally. Missing school damages academic progress; disrupts the learning of your child and the learning of others.

Most parents ensure their children are in school on time every day and do not take holidays during term time.  This ensures these children are getting the educational experience they are entitled to and are in a good positon to reach their full potential.

Extended leave during term time seriously affects a child’s long term life opportunities.

Section 444 of the Education Act 1996 states that:

“If a child of compulsory school age, who is a registered pupil at a school, fails to attend regularly at the school his/her parent(s) are guilty of an offence”. New extended leave guidance brought out in February 2017 requires parents to take extended leave out of term time.

If you decide to take your child on extended leave, you should contact Miss Evans or Miss Mitchell at the school and fill in a Leave in Term request which is available from the office.

Should your request be denied and you still choose to take the leave then the absence will be marked as unauthorised. The Local Authority could issue a Penalty Notice, under section 23 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act. This could result in a £60 fine per parent, per child.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the majority of our families who work really hard to ensure that their child attends school regularly and remind you all of the fabulous incentives we have in place to reward good school attendance and punctuality.  If you need a refresher of what these are, then please head to our website where a copy of our latest newsletter will be available to read.

Yours Sincerely

Miss H Wood
Pastoral Manager

Attendance News Issue 02 Autumn 2016

“Being in school every day makes a difference. Every child has a right to education”.

Welcome to Prince Albert's Attendance News Issue 02. I hope you enjoy reading our attendance updates. If you have any comments, suggestions or general attendance enquiries please come and see Miss Wood. Don’t forget to check out our attendance updates on Twitter, so make sure you are following us!

There are many reasons why regular good attendance at school is vital. One of the most important reasons is your child being able to achieve successful outcomes in school by fulfilling their potential. Here at Prince Albert School we put great emphasis on attendance and the government does too. They expect every school to achieve attendance that meets the National Average Figure. The government regulations clearly state the National Average figure MUST include Eid and other religious celebrations. You will receive regular letters informing you of your child’s attendance. This figure will include Eid and other religious celebrations, these are an authorised absence. Please note the figure used to award termly prizes will also include religious celebrations. However, at the end of the year celebration of great attendance, children who have only had EID off school will be invited to attend.

Medical appointments
Where possible please make medical and dental appointments after school or during school holidays. If you must take your child out during school time we will need to see proof of the appointment and your child will need to attend school before/after the appointment. Proof can be a medical card/letter, prescription or a prescribed medicine.

If your child is too ill to come to school please contact the school on the first day of absence to let us know the reason why. Please call before 9am on 0121 3270594 option 1. If we don’t hear from you we will try to contact you, if after a few days we do not hear from you we will record this as an unauthorised absence. Please be aware unauthorised absences can trigger the spotlight process. A copy of this process was sent to you in September. If you have misplaced your copy there is one on the school website. Please familiarise yourself with this process.


Please help your child have a good start to the day and set up good habits of being on time. School doors open at 8:45am, the bell goes at 8.55am. The gates are closed at 8.55am to ensure that all children in school are registered properly. Any child arriving after this time will be classed as late. This year we are continuing to have a push on improving attendance and punctuality. The vast majority of our children do come to school every day and on time so well done! To them. They will be on track to win some great prizes. There are some children who arrive late. When children arrive late they miss out on lesson introductions and some teaching. If your child is late after the register closes at 9.20am this is recorded as an unauthorised absence for one session and may go towards triggering the spotlight process. 

Here to help
Sometimes there are underlying reasons why a child does not attend school regularly. If at any time you require any help or are going through a difficult time please come and talk to Miss Wood or a member of the Pastoral Team. We are here to help and support you and can often find ways around any problems you or your child may have. We aim to work in conjunction with parents to break down all barriers to learning.

Attendance Update

Dear Parent,

Prince Albert Community Trust are working in partnership with parents to improve school attendance. We would like to congratulate the many parents who make sure their children attend school regularly.

Our aim is to give your children the best start possible in life and therefore, regular school attendance is necessary for us to provide this.

As you may be aware, it is a legal requirement for all children of compulsory school age to attend school on a regular basis. Research has shown that children’s academic and social progress may be affected if children do not attend school regularly.

Below are two links to letters produced by the local authority outlining the Spotlight and Leave in Term Time Campaigns that we are adopting at Prince Albert School starting on the 26th September 2016. Please take time to read this very important information so you are up to date with our new attendance and leave in term time procedures.

Spotlight on Attendance
Our Attendance Incentives

We look forward to working with you to improve your children’s futures.


Yours sincerely,

Miss M Davies
Head Teacher