Prince Albert School


Child Safety Group

Dear Parent / Guardians,


We would like to introduce our members of staff that make up the Child Safety Team for the academy. The teams aims are to ensure that our schools have the most rigorous safeguarding systems and procedures.

Prince Albert School
Mrs Thewlis
Miss Wood
Miss Jones

Heathfield School
Mrs Akhtar
Mrs Ahmed
Mrs Richards

Highfield School
Miss Evans
Miss Bi

For this half term the child safety team are working with parents and children on the topic PREVENT. Prevent is a national strategy to reduce the risk of radicalisation and exposure of extremist activity to our children.
We will be sending out information following on from this letter with details of a parent workshop on Prevent and what parents can do to help their children stay safe. The team will also be sharing advice and tips for parents and guardians on the school websites.

Yours sincerely

Miss K.Magee
Trust Pastoral Leader

Coping with Self Harm

This guide was developed from talking to parents and carers of young people and is aimed at helping parents, carers, other family members and friends cope when a young person is self-harming. It includes information on the nature and causes of self-harm, how to support a young person when facing this problem and what help is available.

Coping with self-harm: A Guide for Parents and Carers