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Spellodrome is a highly motivating program that facilitates independent learning and the development of critical spelling awareness.

Pupils are able to both hear and see the words in context which promotes the development of vocabulary and increases the chances of long term retention.


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How to get the most out of Spellodrome?

  • Encourage your child to visit Cyclobot's Support regularly and get them to pronounce the words clearly as they write.
  • Play a game where the three focus words are used together in a sentance.
  • Discuss the meanings of words.
  • Practice using a dictionary and a thesaurus by looking the words up.
  • Come up with new sentences.
  • Clap out syllables.
  • Play word detective and identify things such as: ryhming words, words within words, certain amounts of syllables and letter patterns.
  • Scramble the letters and then unscramble them.
  • Convert the words into a number code and write secret messages.
  • Categorise the words in different ways.
  • List other words in the same family.
  • Celebrate your child's successes.


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