Prince Albert School


History Curriculum

At Prince Albert, we teach History to stimulate the children’s understanding about the life of people who lived in the past and significant events that happened in the past.  We teach children a sense of chronology. They learn to use the information we know about the past in order to influence their understanding of the present and support decisions about the future. This area of learning enables children to understand society and their place within it  so that they develop a sense of their cultural heritage. They have opportunities to learn about the diversity of human experience, and understand more about themselves as individuals and as members of society. Historical studies give children opportunities to learn a wide range of valuable skills including enquiry, research, communication and decision making. At Prince Albert, we use the National Curriculum to support our planning but use a creative approach to designing the schemes of work linked to the interest and needs of our children. We teach History with strong cross curricular links, especially to support Reading and Writing. The historical work that children complete is evidenced in class profile books.