Prince Albert School



Here at Prince Albert, Computing is taught weekly by class teachers. Our curriculum is designed to allow children to become competent digital leaders of the future through promoting computational thinking and independence. The curriculum covers a range of areas including Digital Literacy, Online Safety and Programming.

During KS1, children are taught how to write simple algorithms, debug programs and use logical reasoning to predict how a program will behave. This is alongside teaching children how to use technology safely and responsibly for a purpose.

During KS2, children develop their computational thinking even further. They will begin to design and create their own program for a specific purpose. They will then test and improve the program to ensure that it is fit for purpose. They will also be taught to use and combine a variety of software packages to produce an end product. Children will also explore the role of the internet and networks, and understand how data travels across them.

Embedded within KS1 and 2 is online safety. Online safety is threaded throughout the curriculum to ensure that our children are responsible and safe users of technology, both at school and in the wider world.