Prince Albert School



At Prince Albert School we aim to value the individuality of all of our children. We are committed to giving each child at our school every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards, to ensure that all children are happy, involved and engaged in all areas of the school. We will ensure that every child is treated as a special, unique individual who will shine. We will work together to make sure children feel safe, secure, cared for and appreciated for being themselves.

Aims and Objectives

We aim:

  • To identify as early as possible children who have Special Educational Needs, English as an additional language or who are gifted or talented.
  • To plan individual programmes that have clear learning objectives and achievable outcomes, and are reviewed at least twice a year.
  • To liaise with parents twice a year through parents evenings, involving them as fully as possible in the process.
  • To liaise with other schools, support agencies, external agencies, and Birmingham LA when appropriate.
  • To ensure regular, accurate, moderated assessment takes place to ensure the planning of future provision and intervention is informed.
  • Ensure every learning environment meets the needs of the learners and provides access to effective and efficient resources.

Providing Support

If your child has been identified as having an additional educational need, they will be placed on a Provision Map or given an IEP.

Every term the class teacher and Assistant Leader for Inclusion will review and prepare a Provision Map or an Individual Education Plan for each child who has been identified as needing extra support at School Action and above. Each Plan will be drawn up in collaboration with the child and any outside agencies that may need to be involved. The Plan will include specific programmes and targets to address individual needs and will include strategies to be used to help to meet the targets set. A copy of the Plan will be sent to the child's parents/carers.

During each term, on parent's evenings, parents/carers will be invited to discuss and review their child's progress. In addition, parents/carers may be invited to attend a special meeting with an outside agency if appropriate.

If your child has an additional need, most of their support will be provided within their classroom by the staff who work in their year group. On occasions, some children may be taken out of class for additional intervention sessions.