Prince Albert School


Learning for Life

Learning for Life (LFL) is Prince Albert’s highly personalised approach to the foundation curriculum. The curriculum was designed by senior leaders after a wide review of standards of attainment, pupil engagement and community needs. Its principles are based on combining the very best of the National Curriculum with the school’s knowledge of what is required for the pupils of Prince Albert to flourish.

Prince Albert Whole School Priorities (LFL)

Aim of LFL is to develop

  • Independence: Children will learn to work with initiative and independence in arrange of contexts.
  • Communication: Pupils will be able to communicate effectively with other pupils and adults through a range of media, in a variety of situations.
  • Engaging the community: Parents will play an integral part in the life of the school and will be enabled to support the learning of the children.

Starting point

Pupils are given the opportunity to choose a topic area they want to learn more about. Teachers then plan how the foundation subjects can be taught through this topic. At the core of it lies a whole school mapping and systematic approach to skills development, ensuring that pupils are taught the full range of investigational, analytical and creative skills.


Each topic begins with a Wow experience which is either an educational visit or a presentation by an external provider. The wow experience is the initial catalyst and stimuli for the topic. A fund £1500 is allocated to each year group to fund Wow experiences throughout the year. Alongside this there is a posed 'big question' that pupils are expected to answer with greater insight by the end of the topic.


There are four learning for life books per class covering History, Geography, Art and R.E. These books evidence the learning of both individuals and groups demonstrating the schools commitment of learning through creativity. They further demonstrate how we personalise the learning for pupils and how we challenge pupils of all abilities to produce the very highest standards of work.


Learning for life is assessed through on going formative assessment and summative assessment specifically linked to APP for Writing. The monitoring of LFL is conducted through both book scrutiny and lesson observations. Parent’s views are sort and recorded termly through parent consultation meetings.

2014 Curriculum

A review of our curriculum has begun with the aim of again combining the statutory requirements of the new curriculum whilst retaining the very best practice of Prince Albert’s bespoke school curriculum.