Prince Albert School


PSHCE Curriculum

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is designed to help children understand themselves as individuals and build their personal identity. It supports children to become more socially and emotionally aware of not only themselves, but of people and the world around them. Children have the right to have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and attitudes to lead confident and independent lives in the future as well as become responsible and active members of society. Prince Albert School believes that we have a very important role in helping children to achieve this. PSHE therefore underpins and permeates the whole curriculum to contribute to the ethos of school. It is delivered throughout the school both in taught curriculum and through the everyday life of pupils in order to:

  • Promote tolerance and understanding of each other in a multicultural society
  • Broaden the expectations and experiences of pupils
  • Develop an appreciation of wider opportunities and aspirations
  • Prepare pupils for adult life and the decisions and choices they will encounter
  • Meet the statutory requirements of the PSHE National Curriculum Framework.