Prince Albert School


RE Curriculum

At Prince Albert school we follow the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2007). The aim of Religious Education is to promote spiritual, moral and cultural development. This is achieved by addressing the big issues of faith, feelings, self-expression, spiritual awareness, awe and wonder.

Lessons are often related to the children’s faith background, interests and needs as well as reflecting the religious diversity of our city. Themes are introduced through stories, places of worship, moral dilemmas, symbols, artefacts and an exploration of similarities and differences of faith and practices. Children are required to use skills from all areas of the curriculum in order to reflect, recall, interpret and discuss a range of issues.

At Prince Albert school we recognise that we are part of a multicultural and multi-faith community and we encourage our children to value and respect all faiths and cultures in order to develop social cohesion and solidarity.