Prince Albert School


Writing Curriculum

At Prince Albert School, we strive to achieve the highest of standards for all children entrusted to our care whilst ensuring that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to support their future learning. Key to our belief is a shared vision that writing is embedded effectively across the whole curriculum. As writers, we want our children to understand and value the power of language and ways in which it can be used alongside writing conventions to enable them to become rounded, purposeful, creative and imaginative writers.


Aims and Objectives

At Prince Albert School we undertake to:

  • develop an interest and enjoyment of writing
  • develop children’s grammatical awareness and knowledge
  • ensure that we all value the use of our own home language and the home language of others
  • embed writing across our whole school curriculum
  • ensure that children are provided with frequent opportunities to write independently
  • use speaking and listening to develop our children’s spoken and written language
  • equip our children with the skills to become successful writers

Teachers are given clear guidance on approaches to secure conceptual understanding, sequential knowledge development and progression in lessons, through effective CPD and planning support. Each year group has a designated AHT to provide input and support with planning with the subject leader then having a whole school oversight. Planning, which ensures pitch is appropriate and challenge is evident, comes from the 2010 Primary Framework and the Assessment and Progression in writing document. These documents provide an overview of objectives and coverage which are then broken down into small, sequential and progressive steps in learning. Each year group has a Writing folder that contains information to support planning as well as class teacher copies of the framework.

Foundation Stage – Planning in the Foundation Stage is taken from the children’s interests and planned with reference to the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage.