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Nurture Group Home Learning

Hello Nurture group!


We hope you are all safe and well, please have a scroll down to find some links and ideas to support your children at home. We miss you all very much and we are desperate to get back to school so we can begin teaching your children again.



Video Resources:
WB 6th July
Attention Bucket
Workbook 1
WB 13th July
Attention Bucket
Workbook 2
WB 20th July
Attention Bucket
WB 27th July
Attention Bucket
Other Videos
Hello Song
Playdough Activities
Wheels on the Bus



Links to support children to understand the current situation:

-STARS - A range of visual resources designed to aid autistic children and young people's understanding of the Coronavirus.

-Covibook – an interactive resource designed to support and reassure children aged 7 and under, designed to help children explain and draw the emotions that they might be experiencing during the pandemic



Our children in Nurture Group love stories, watch these stories and encourage the children to join in with familiar parts, you will be surprised how much they know! - Julia Donaldson stories - Makaton -story Dear Zoo - Makaton- Hungry caterpillar

  • Learn the signs with your child, use the signs in daily activities, you will be amazed how quickly they pick them up. 

Nursery Rhymes:

  • Learn the makaton signs with the link below. 
  • Singing nursery rhymes and familiar songs will help with speech and pronunciation.



Sensory Activities 

Children in the Nurture Group love to explore through their different senses, try these ideas at home.


Making Foam:

Easy to make, just use a large squirt of bubble bath, a table spoon of warm water, a tiny bit of food colouring and whisk with either an electric or hand whisk.



Ingredients to make playdough.

  • 8 tbsp plain flour
  • 2 tbsp table salt
  • 60ml warm water
  • Food colouring


Water play:

Fill a container with some soapy warm water, add some lego or building blocks and let their little fingers do the rest.


Shaving Foam:

Write words, letters or just mark make in shaving foam squirted onto a tray or plate.



This time at home is a really good opportunity to teach your child some life skills, for example, putting on their coats, doing up buttons, zips, putting on their socks and shoes, washing their hands, brushing their teeth, combing their hair and tidying up after themselves. 

We hope that we will all see you soon, 

Mrs Shazadi and Mrs Runacus