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Year 6

Year 6 Home Learning

We acknowledge that each home has different resources available to them. Not all children have access to technology devices or the internet. Therefore, we have also made work packs for each child to use at home. These will be given to your child in the event of a school closure or self-isolation.


Transition to Secondary School


6th - 10th July

13th - 17th July 20th - 24th July 27th - 31st July
Workbooks  Workbooks  Workbooks  Workbooks
Year 6 English Year 6 English Year 6 English Year 6 Maths
Year 6 Maths Year 6 Maths Year 6 Maths Year 6 English
Video Resources [YouTube]  Video Resources [YouTube] Reading - Grandpa's Story Tuesday - Sentence Starters
Decimal Addition Reading  Video Resources [YouTube] Thursday - Vocabulary
Decimal Subtraction Spelling - Syllables Writing Reading - Treasure Island
Grammar (Past Tense) Maths - Division Maths  Video Resources [YouTube]
Reading (Retrieval) Maths - Multiplication Reading Reading
Reading (Inference)     Writing
Spelling Unstressed Vowels      Spelling


3rd - 7th August

10th - 14th August 17th - 21st August 24th - 28th August
 Workbooks  Workbooks  Workbooks  Workbooks
Year 6 Maths Year 6 Maths Year 6 Maths Year 6 Maths
Year 6 English Year 6 English Year 6 English Year 6 English
 Video Resources [YouTube] Year 6 Reading Session 1 Session 2-9
Spelling Reading - Sinbad the Sailor  Video Resources [YouTube]  Video Resources [YouTube] 
Writing  Video Resources [YouTube] Spelling Spelling
Reading Reading Writing  Writing
Maths - Simplifying Expressions Writing Reading Maths - Mean Averages
  Spelling 1   Maths - Range, Median & Mode
  Spelling 2   Reading


Year 6 Home Learning Project 

Would you like to watch your teacher reading their favourite story? Then click on the link below:


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Your teachers have designed a home learning project for you to enjoy. Please click the link below:



Click the image below to view the project. 

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Additional Resources

Home Learning Pack - Click Here

BBC Schools [KS2] -

BBC Newsround -

Year 6 Maths -

Year 6 English -

TT Rockstars -

Usbourne Books -

Interactive Quizzes [KS2]

Interactive Quizzes – Y6 (11+) -

Natural History Museum -

NASA for Kids -

Reading Zone -

Brainpop -

Tynker – Coding [7-13] -

Outschool [Live Online Classes] -

Twinkl [KS2] -

Epic Digital Library -


We hope that these resources and suggestions will support your children in continuing their learning. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your continued support.