Prince Albert School

Nurture Group

Summer Learning for Nurture Group

Here you will find home learning materials to cover the summer holiday period.



Our children in Nurture Group love stories.

In Nurture group, we use the same story over many weeks so that the children become familiar with it.

With the story ‘Dear Zoo,’ spend the first couple of weeks watching the picture walk video and then watch the video of Miss Carty reading the story.

Please watch this daily with your child and encourage your child to join in with familiar actions.

Story Time - Dear Zoo (Picture Walk)

Story Time - Dear Zoo (Story)


Nursery Rhymes

In Nurture group, children also like nursery rhymes.

Watch Mrs Hughes sing the different nursery rhymes and again encourage your child to join and copy some of the actions.

Song Time - Twinkle Twinkle

Song Time - Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Song Time - Five Little Ducks


Home Learning Activities

Activities to try at home

Activities to try at home - Dear Zoo

Making play-dough (Video)

Making play-dough

Making a sensory shaker (Video)

Making a sensory shaker

Practising cutting skills (Video)

Making slime